The 90 olive trees were there when the current owner arrived. They inhabit two lovely hills  (total: 1.2h / 3a) overlooking the valleys in the distance. A few new trees were planted twenty years ago but they are mostly the venerable trees from decades and decades. 

Every year the olives are picked in November and taken to the ‘Frantoio’ or oil mill and put through the ‘cold press’. They render an average of 60 liters of olive oil per year although recently it has gone to 90 liters!

The trees do not need, under normal circumstances, much upkeep. Twice a year there is the need to treat them with manure as well as cutting the fields back so they remain clean. Once a year there is the harvest and, later, the pruning. 

These are just the right amount of trees in order to have enough excellent olive oil to be self- sufficient yet they are not so many as to require intensive attention. And what greater pleasure than offering a bottle of olive oil to friends - - with your own label on it!






Upper Field: 71 Trees - about 0,65h or 1.6a (rough estimate)

Olive Grove - Lower Field: 19 Trees - about 0,55h or 1.4a (rough estimate)

Total Olive Trees: 90 Trees on an estimate of 1,2h or 3a


AVERAGE AGE OF THE PLANTS: 45/50 years old.

AVERAGE CROP IN A NORMAL YEAR: 700 kg of olives.


AVERAGE RETURN: 15 % per kilo, which is circa 80 litres of oil --depending on the year with variables being the amount of rain, sun, wind etc.