I ROGGIAI is surrounded by14 hectares / 34.5 acres of land and has a walking path (1.6km) that circumvents most of the property. 

In 1978 the current owner enclosed the entire property with a metal fence and obtained the government label as ‘Fondo Chiuso’ (article 842 of the Italian Civil Code) that forbids anyone from hunting on the property - -thereby making it an Ecological Reserve ensuring the safety and protection for all animals and wild life. 


It is important to understand that, in Italy, unless a property is legally declared ‘Fondo Chiuso’ hunters or tourists can meander through your property at their pleasure. Therefore the ‘Fondo Chiuso’ is quite important as it ensures 100% privacy for both the owner and the wild life and any trespassers can be legally pursued.

The land is broken up as follows:

2.5h / 6.2a of olive trees with circa 90 olive trees

1.5h / 3.7a of farmable fields - -or pastures for horseback riding.

2.5h / 6.2a of Pine Woods (trees are circa 25 years old and over 10 meters high)

7h / 16.5a of Woods





The building or reconversion law states that an owner can increase the volume of the property by 30% of the existing square meters or footage.