There are three additional structures on the land other than the Main house and the Guesthouse: the Garage, Chicken coop and Stables. All of these can remain as they are however, should one wish to change their use and increase their surface volume (in restoration or renovation) one is allowed to do it up to 30% of the existing surface --that is the maximum increment one is allowed by law. However this increase, gives one the possibility to change the use of certain structure. For example: 

  • The Garage can become a spacious 2 story Caretaker home or lovely Guest House.
  • The Stables can become a very large, airy Artist's  Atelier or a beautiful Gym or even an additional Guest House --with a spectacular view of the valley bellow.





The building is 39sqm (420sqf) with 4m (13 feet) ceiling. This building can be kept as a 2 car garage but can also turn it into another Guest House or a Caretakers Residence with circa 70sqm or 750sqf - -not counting the 30% available increase according the to the region’s building code bringing the total surface available to almost 95sqm or 1022sgf of living space. The height of the building easily allows for a comfortable 2nd floor, thereby doubling the living space.


However, as it is, the Garage can remain as is and be used as such.



Should one wish to develop this building into a new Guesthouse or a caretaker home, a plan already exists for an alternate entrance and driveway.






This independent little structure is 7sqm or 75sqf and is a wonderful little building that can be increased (like all the buildings on the property) by 30% bringing it to 10sqm or 108sqf. It can remain as is, increasing the amount of fowl one wishes to have, or it can be transformed into a lovely independent wine cellar or storage for the winter months.





- The old horse stalls, which are 85smq or 920sqf, have not been used for several years and either need to be restored for horses or transformed into a dream Artist's Atelier or a wonderful private Gym --or simply another Guest House!


With the 30% increase in volume allowed by regional law (bringing it to a 110sqm or 1200sqf) one can build a dream Studio with glass walls allowing for a constant flow of gentle light - -with enough space for amenities and even an additional space that can used as an office or an extra room. 


On the other hand, if one wishes to add a private Gym there is space for the work out room, a bathroom, changing room, spacious shower room and Sauna…with an outdoor deck to rest and relax as one sips a drink at the end of day. And, if one wished, one can also add a Hot Tub on the deck.






This 50sqm or 539sqf enclosure, adjacent to the Guest House, has been built for the Labradors the owner bred for many years. If one did not want to have dogs one can transform this into an absolute gem of a Vegetable garden providing delicious vegetables during the summer and for the winter.