Being at 450m above sea level, I ROGGIAI still has the classical seasons one grew up with in the 1900’s and that Global Warming is now eroding elsewhere.


There is a real Winter as well as a real Summer. Spring is a spectacle of rebirth as Fall is the spectacle of closing down - -both are rich with the evolution of the colors each season represents.


Springs (March to May) are fresh and lush where chilly sunny days alternate with abundant rain. 


Summers (May to end of September) can be warm and hot with light breezes during the day; in the evening it cools off and it is quite pleasant at night. Temperatures are between18/20 C° and 30/32 C°.


Falls (October/November 12 C°/ 18 C°) can be balmy with beautiful chilly days and amazing colors on the trees and plants. It often rains but that too has its romantic charm during theses months.  


Winters (December to February) are never too difficult as it rarely snows and the few times it does it melts and vanishes in a few days. There can be cold spells however, characteristically, I ROGGIAI is mostly visited by rain during these months. 


As one can see, there really are four seasons and they are each is beautiful and romantic in its own manner.